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5 Tips When Resanding Super-Hard Old Maple Flooring: Article in Hardwood Flooring Magazine

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Mar 31, 2015

5 tips re-sanding old maple hardwood floors

Last week Signature Custom Flooring was very fortunate to have an article published on the National Wood Flooring Association’s Hardwood Floors Magazine website.

The article, 5 Tips When Resanding Super-Hard Old Maple Flooring, details tricks I have learned from experience about sanding old maple floors.  In central Wisconsin (where I do the majority of my work) there are a lot of older homes with the original maple flooring.  I’ve noticed that, as maple grows older it also gets harder, greatly affecting the sanding process.  The article discusses everything from the best grit of sandpaper to watching out for tricky gaps that appear in older flooring.

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