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Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Nov 11, 2019



As 2020 nears, Signature Custom Flooring is starting to think about what hardwood floor trends of 2019 will follow us into 2020 and what new trends we can expect. 


We are an artisanal hardwood flooring shop located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin 


To us, every custom-flooring job is a work of art. So if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind floors, whether classic hardwood flooring in a Victorian house, something edgy and trendy in a loft apartment or something  in-between, we’ve got you covered. 


We offer dust-free hardwood refinishing for those of you that already have hardwood (and would like to keep the rejuvenation process clean and simple). And for those of you who would love the new floors installed that you’ve Pinterest obsessing over, then we are here for you. 


We service a 110-mile radius  of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Some areas we service are:

  1. Appleton, Wisconsin 
  2. Green Bay, Wisconsin 
  3. Madison, Wisconsin
  4. Neenah, Wisconsin
  5. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
  6. Wausau, Wisconsin

You can learn more about our process or feel free to contact us to see if we service your area. We’d love to hear from you to see how we can make your hardwood dreams a reality.”

Hardwood floor trends of 2020 

As we near the end of 2019, we are starting to get a glimpse of what’s trending in hardwood for 2020. 

In this guide to 2020’s hottest hardwood flooring trends, we’ll be discussing everything from hardwood floor colors, types and layouts to hardwood finishes and textures. 

While we see a rise in hardwood alternatives like luxury vinyl planks or laminate floors, hardwood isn’t going anywhere. The industry is staying ahead of the game by keeping flooring fresh and trendy. 

But just because hardwood is staying in the game with keeping things interesting doesn’t mean that classic hardwood floor styles are out. (I mean, are classic hardwood floors every really out of style?)

In fact, we have a few classic flooring trends making our list, so make sure to keep reading to see some of the hottest hardwood flooring trends of 2020.  

2020 hardwood flooring color trends 

Just like in 2019, we are seeing a few colors we recognize from last year and a few new ones as well. Colored hardwood is such a great trend as it allows you to customize different species with colors that are different from their natural shades, creating a truly unique look.  

Whitewash colored wood floors

light colored hickory with dark border

Whitewash hickory

Whitewash is hitting 2020 hard. People really love the beachy, yet classic vibe it brings to your home. Whitewash has a light color with a bit of texture that can really open up a space. 

You can expect to see them popping up in kitchens and farmhouse-style houses this year. 

With whitewash, don’t expect a flat color with completely white floors. Whitewash has pieces of darker wood peeking through that creates a beautiful rustic look. 

Blonde and honey-colored wood floors 

Dark wood floors have been around for a while because they can be so chic. However, we’ve recently seen them take a backseat to lighter colored woods such as blonde and honey. 


Blonde-colored wood is the closest to the light “classic woods” on our list. 


Blonde maple floor

Blonde varieties offer a classic and light and airy feel to your any area of your home, and the best part is that this wood color is highly customizable and can do well in many types of spaces. 

So whether you are wanting vintage, chic, classic, or rustic, blonde floors can do it all. And did we mention, they are gorgeous?

And if you’re looking for something a little darker with a little more warmth, then honey is the way to go. 


Honey-colored wood can make a house feel like a cozy home. They give you the benefits of a lighter wood with a little extra added warmth. And we actually see it becoming a flooring color staple for a while to come. So if you want something that’s going to add a bit of richness without going too dark, honey-colored hardwood is a great way to go. 


Stained Ash Floor Oshkosh,WI

Warm honey toned ash

Greige-colored wood floors 


rubio monocoat on maple flooring|Neenah, Wisconsin

Greige colored maple floors


Just like the beige floors we’ve been seeing the past few years, greige is now the “new beige”. Don’t get us wrong, gray is very must still in style, but we are seeing a rise in the stunning mix of beige and grey. 

There is a depth with beige wood, but there is also a low-key, chic look that the added grey variations bring. 

And what’s really great is that they are both natural colors, meaning that these floors will pair well with different types of decor and styles. 

And we’re seeing greige everywhere, from trendy modern-style houses to homes that have a more family-oriented feel. 

High variation color wood floors 


rustic hickory floor


We loved high variation floors last year, and we love the fact that they’re still trending in 2020. 

As we mentioned in our 15 hottest hardwood floor trends of 2019 blog, high variation is great because 

“The trend comes from wanting a high variation in color like we see in nature. In nature, no two pieces of wood look the same”

And while we are still seeing traditional high variation floors that stick with similar color pallets from last year, 2020 will be all about a widder variety of colors and hues mixed together. With high variation floors, there are endless color possibilities to create a more unique variation that can be customized to the look and feel that you want. 

2020 hardwood flooring type trends 


Environmentally conscious flooring options are still climbing the “cool” latter in 2020, and we don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon. 

While all these options aren’t exactly hardwood, we are including them because while we specialize in hardwood flooring, we do offer environmentally friendly options like bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood flooring. 

And who doesn’t want great looking floors while being kind to our planet? 

Local hardwood floors 

American Cherry with Loba Impact Oil

Locally grown and milled American Cherry


At Signature Custom Flooring we love supporting our local community, and we also like being environmentally conscious, which means that we offer locally grown hardwood flooring options. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our locally sourced hardwood flooring options so we can advise you of what we are currently offering and what local wood would be a great addition to your home. 

Bamboo floors 

Dark Bamboo floor. Photo Credit to: PTL Hardwood floors




Remember when we said that blonde colored floors were trending? Well Bambo is a great way to get this look while staying environmentally conscious. 

Bamboo is also one of the sturdiest flooring options around but isn’t the easiest to maintain and doesn’t do as well with warm and humid climates. 

For this reason, we recommend consulting an environmentally conscious and certified flooring expert

Cork floors 

Texture and look of cork

If the upkeep or the need for a dryer climate that bamboo requires isn’t for you, then cork is also a great option. 

Did you know that cork is actually one of the oldest flooring options around? Yep, it’s been around for over 100 years. In fact, the old Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada had cork floors. It’s said that they were easy on the joints of the traders who were on the floor of the stock exchange all day.  

So if you’re looking for a flooring option that is not only nice to mother earth but also a bit softer and great for your joints, this is your flooring. 

And not to worry, cork flooring has a unique and trendy feel to it, so your floors won’t end up looking like a corkboard…

We promise. 

Moreover, cork floors are also one of the most durable flooring options out there making them a great choice for so many reasons. 

Reclaimed wood floors 


Reclaimed mixed species wood floor


We love reclaimed wood. It’s not only a great choice for the environment, but it happens to be one of our favorite ways to achieve that rustic look that so many people are going for these days. 

Reclaimed wood is when you take old wood and essentially upcycle it into flooring. 

Pretty cool, huh?

There’s just something about using something old to make something new. It offers a very special feel and character to your home. 

Reclaimed wood usually tends to have a naturally distressed look, so if you are going for that antique look, this is a great way to go. 

Engineered hardwood floors 


Top Reasons Why Hardwood Flooring is a Great Choice

Engineered walnut flooring

If you have kids and pets and want to be environmentally conscious, then engineered hardwood is a great option. 

It offers real hardwood with man-made layers that keep so it’s more durable and requires less maintenance. And because it’s pre-finished, you can usually take a step out of the installation process, making the process a bit easier. Plus it’s a cheaper alternative to solid hardwood floors. 

So since this isn’t necessarily “real” hardwood, what makes it environmentally conscious?

While it depends on what the non-hardwood layers are made of, engineered hardwood tends to be more sustainable. 

For example, you want oak wood floors. When using engineered wood, instead of using a block of oak for a solid plank, that one block of oak could be used to make many engineered planks instead of just one solid wood one, using less of the tree. 

Moreover, engineered hardwood look and feel like real wood, are super durable, and less expensive. Oh and more sustainable, making them the perfect option for the busy wood flooring enthusiast on a budget. 

Make sure to check out our flooring installation options or call us at (920) 279-7871 to see what other hardwood flooring species options we work with in Neenah, WI or surrounding areas. 


2020 hardwood flooring pattern trends 


Different types of flooring layouts are really trendy this year. They have been around for a while, and we saw a few pattern trends last year. But expect to see different types of layouts as a way of ultra-customizing your hardwood floors this year. 

Diagonal wood floors

We are loving the angled wood style. It’s fresh and adds a modern look to your home. 

While it can be more expensive and labor-intensive to lay diagonal wood floors, if you want a more chic and luxurious feel in your home, then we think this trend is totally worth it. 

Long herringbone wood floors


While we’ve seen chevron style floors on trend for a while, we are really liking the long herringbone style for 2020. 

While both chevron and herringbone have that distinctive “V” shape pattern, and offer an oh-so-fabulous look, chevron wood planks have to be laid at an angle so that they come together at a point while herringbone floors are laid to come together at a 90 degree angle, which makes herringbone a bit easier to lay. 

And now with the budding trend of long herringbone patterns, we are in love. 

Mixed Width wood floors


Penetrating Oil

Random width white oak

And coming back from last year is the mixed-width floors. This is one of our favorites, and we are so glad it’s making a return this year as it just offers such a beautiful classic but chic look that you can’t get from other patterns. 

Mixed width is just so modern and can be a beautiful addition to almost any space in your home. And with mixed width planks, it really draws your attention in. So if you’re looking for a statement floor, this is it. 

2020 hardwood flooring finish trends


You can expect to see more matte-style floors, while high-gloss seems to be on it’s way out (for now) as we see finishes that look more natural on trend. 

Penetrating/hard-wax oil finished hardwood floors 


White cabinets with tile backsplash and wood floors

Walnut floor finished with hard-wax oil


Penetrating/hard-wax oil finished floors are gaining momentum in the 2020 game. They make your floors so much stronger and they have a beautifully natural and rich look to them with a matte finish. 

And the cool part?

With traditional refinishing, you have to sand and then coat. 

But guess what? 

With oil finished floors, you just add more oil. So no need to re-sand everytime you need to refinish your floors. 

Easy breezy, and trust us, so worth it. 


Site finished hardwood floors

white oak floors in open space

Site finished white oak


Since we are a small artisanal shop that specializes in hardwood flooring and hardwood refinishing, we pride ourselves on the custom jobs we do for people. 

And site-finished floors allow us to bring to life something really special for you. 

With site finished floors, hardwood is installed, sanded (don’t worry we offer dust-free sanding options), and refinished at your house. 

Now this may seem a bit weird, but bear with me here because it’s going to give you so much more control over the style of your floors. 

So with site finished floors, you get to pick the exact look, the finishes, and colors all without having to worry about that sometimes streaky look you can get from prefinished floors. 

If you’re looking for something ultra-customizable, site finished is an awesome choice. 

2020 hardwood flooring texture trends 


Well hello, beautifully textured wood floors. This year we are seeing a trend in both hand-scraped and distressed wood textures. 


Hand-scraped wood floors 

textured white oak flooring

Site scraped wood floor


There’s something about hand-scraped wood flooring that makes your home look chic and luxurious. Hand-scraped wood textures are long, ingrained scrapes in the finish with a noticeable variation between planks, which makes each plank appear handcrafted.  


Distressed wood floors 


On-site distressed floor by Clint Fudge Floor Sanding

Oh distressed hardwood, how we love you. 


This trend is always a bit interesting. Like ripped denim jeans…. 


Why would you pay for worn-looking jeans? 


Well I can’t speak for why people pay form hole-y pants, but when it comes to distressed floors, it’s because they offer a lot of character. And hardwood lovers everywhere usually appreciate character in their flooring.


With distressed wood, you can expect many different types of “distressing” as in burns, knots, scapes and more which gives it that aged and worn look that’s oh so elegant, yet stylish. 

How Signature Custom Flooring can make your hardwood dreams a reality


So we’ve covered a lot of the hottest trends you can expect to see in 2020, and we’re hoping that you’re as excited about them as we are. 


As we mentioned, we love making every flooring project an art project. So if you’re looking for something truly unique, classic, and stylish in the Appleton, WI or surrounding areas, feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation today. 


We look forward to creating beautifully crafted floors for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. 


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