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How long do I need to keep rugs off of my new wood floors?

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Oct 07, 2019

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is “how long do I need to wait after my floors been refinished before I can put my rugs back down?  This is a great question and we trust that the following information will help answer this question for you. So, whether you’ve had a […]

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Do I need to remove base or shoe moldings when my wood floors are refinished?

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Sep 30, 2019

So you’ve made the decision to refinish your hardwood floors; you are anticipating the day that the project will begin, and perhaps even more so when it is completed and you get to enjoy your new space. It is a couple of days before we will arrive to begin the refinishing project, and you decide […]

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Whitewashed hickory flooring | Appleton, WI

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Sep 24, 2019

                  One of the things that I love about real hardwood flooring is the ability to take it from its current style and color, and transform it into a work of art that is unique to the customer. One of our more recent projects in Appleton, WI […]

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Rejuvenation of old maple floors| Madison, Wisconsin area

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Aug 07, 2019

In older Wisconsin homes we mostly find old maple floors. It’s interesting when I talk to some of my other wood flooring friends that live across the United States and hear what species of wood are in the older houses that they work in. In most cases I hear from them that it’s red oak […]

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Why Your Hardwood Flooring Expert Should Be Certified

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Jul 08, 2019

So you’ve been spending a lot of time browsing the hottest hardwood flooring trends of 2019 on the internet and posting your favorite hardwood inspirations on Pinterest. And now you’re ready to team up with a hardwood flooring expert to bring your Pinterest feed to life and make those beautiful floors a reality.    But […]

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Why choose Signature Custom Flooring 

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on May 21, 2019

   Why choose Signature Custom Flooring  Have you been dreaming of new hardwood floors or refinishing your old ones? Maybe you have spent some time researching, looking at pictures and even posting them on Pinterest… And now you need a flooring guru to see you through your hardwood journey.  That’s where we come in.  We’re […]

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