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Picture Magic Oil 2K

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Jul 24, 2016

Features and Benefits

  • Quick drying, easy to apply with trowel or buffer
  • Special penetrating oil/wax blend – produces a matte finish
  • Chemical resistant, non-flammable
  • VOC compliant, does not exceed 5 g/L (neutral), 9 g/L (colors)
  • Neutral is solvent-free
  • Easy to clean, use Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner as daily cleaner, Magic Oil Care for longer term maintenance
  • Easily spot-repaired
  • Comes in Neutral, Red-brown, Dark-brown, Black, White, Grey
  • Neutral enhances the color and grain pattern of the wood
  • Very low, non-offending odor
  • Magic Oil is a LEED contributing product (IEQ credit 4.2)

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