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Are you thinking of refinishing your hardwood floors in your home but you’re worried about all the dust?

Maybe you’ve heard from friends and family that dust is a nightmare when refinishing your floors, leaving you dreading that hardwood flooring project you’ve been really wanting to do.

Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore because right now when you refinish your hardwood floors with Signature Custom Flooring, you get 50% off dust containment.




Lots of worn patterns in this wood floor


Brand new wood floor

Refinishing your hardwood floors?

Take advantage of our special offer and save 50% on dust containment.

Yep, no more dust when refinishing your floors.

Get this special offer simply by calling us at (920) 279-7871 or fill out the form below and it’s yours.

So what’s dust containment and why’s it important?

When refinishing your hardwood floors, it requires sanding the wood floors. This removes the old finish and exposes the raw wood.

In the past, this could be a messy and dusty process. Luckily, now a dust-free solution exists which removes up to 98% of the airborne particles through a powerful vacuum system.

Why choose Signature Custom Flooring?

Serving Fox Valley and surrounding areas.

Signature Custom Flooring is a small, artisan hardwood flooring shop ran by our owner, Aaron. And he prides himself on superior customer service. So he will be the one talking to you on the phone, and the guy that comes out to your home to get to know you and your hardwood hopes and dreams. He’s also the one who’s going to be making customized recommendations as to what would be the best hardwood flooring options for what you are looking for.

You see, other companies might send out someone else to do all this for you.

Which means you could possibly get someone in your home that isn’t as high-quality as you might like.

And you don’t want that for your hardwood.

But at Signature Custom Flooring, Aaron will always be the one helping you throughout your hardwood journey to ensure you have an extremely enjoyable and personalized experience.

So you never have to feel overwhelmed during the process. And you can rest assured that you will have a flooring expert right there with you every step of the way.

And as Aaron always likes to say,

“Wood flooring is out art and your floors are our canvas.”

NWFA Certified Craftsmanship

What’s NWFA certified craftsmanship mean?

Well it’s like a college diploma in hardwood floors. It takes years and high-quality work to gain this certification. But unlike a diploma, NWFA Certification can be taken away…

So if the work doesn’t meet precise standards for quality workmanship, you won’t be able to maintain the certification.

So an NWFA certification basically guarantees that your floors will be held to the highest standards of craftsmanship out there.

So if you’re ready to refinish your hardwood floors and finally have the hardwood you have been wanting (with no dust and no mess), look no further because Signature Custom Flooring has you covered.

Please call (920) 279-7871 or go to the top and fill out the form to claim your special 50% off offer on dust containment and to schedule a free consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you and together creating beautiful artisan hardwood in your home that you’ve been dreaming of.

“Aaron is an incredibly hard worker with incredible expertise on hardwood flooring. I had NO idea the amount of information out there on species of wood, finishes, etc. and Aaron was so helpful in explaining it all and making sure we got the floor we really had cooked up in our imagination. We could not be happier! The price was great, the service was fantastic and we got exactly what we wanted. I would recommend Aaron to anyone!”
– Nicole Waltemath

“Aaron did a beautiful job on our floors. After 15 years, they were in need of refinishing. Aaron restored the original beauty of the maple floors and suggested a water-based finish instead of the oil-based. No more gold floors!!! We also appreciate that there was virtually no dust to clean up. Great job Aaron. Thank you for making our floors beautiful again.”
– Lisa Paul

“After seeing the bad shape my floors were in I was doubtful they would ever look “amazing”, but Signature Custom Flooring did a fantastic job!!! I would absolutely recommend hiring Aaron. I’ll for sure recommend him to anyone that needs their floors done.”
– Robert Orde

“Aaron from Signature Custom Flooring did a breath taking job on putting Ash hardwood floors in our kitchen and dining room and 2 hallways. We would highly recommend Aaron for any project one would have concerning hardwood flooring. He is truly Professional! What an amazing man to work with. We are overwhelmingly pleased! Thanks Signature Custom Flooring for a job well done!”
– Anna Stratton