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When working with clients during the consultation period, one question I am asked quite frequently is how much dust will be created in the process of refinishing the floors. Here at Signature Custom  Flooring, we want to provide our clients with the best possible experience, so we take pride in treating your home how we would want ours treated when having work done on it. I remember a statement from a carpenter, before I started sanding hardwood floors, that stuck with me. He said, you can do a great job, but if you leave the home dirty when you leave, that will stick with them longer than the great quality of work you do! So, in order to provide our clients with the best possible experience, we have spent a lot of time and done our research to equip ourselves with the machines that allow us to complete a job virtually dust free. Let’s take a closer look at how we accomplish this.

When we refinish hardwood floors a lot of dust is created as a byproduct. One of the main components in controlling the dust is our large dust containment system that all of our tools and machines are connected to. Think of the large dust containment system as a giant vacuum that has three powerful motors. The dust created by the machines is drawn into the dust containment system, the sawdust is deposited into a bag and then the air passes through a filter before being recirculated. This system is highly efficient and eliminates virtually all of the dust created in the process. This allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing that after we leave they will not have a huge cleaning project ahead of them after the dust has settled. But we didn’t just stop there.

We wanted to take it a step further, and so we added an air scrubber to our arsenal to combat the dust that is created in the refinishing process. Even though the dust containment system catches the majority of the dust, we understand that dust can be created from some hand tools that can’t be connected to the dust containment system, or when changing out the bag as the vacuum system can’t run during this process. Due to this, we also use an air scrubber to help with any free floating dust that occurs when the dust containment system is off or not in use. The air scrubber draws in the surrounding air into a pre-filter, to collect the majority of dust, and then passes it through a HEPA filter to collect even the smallest particles, before returning the air. These machines help to create a dust free environment when working on the job, and provide our clients with the satisfaction of knowing that when we leave, their house might even be cleaner than when we arrived.

We see ourselves as more than just a wood flooring company. We see ourselves as problem solvers that just so happen to create beautiful, warm, inviting spaces that are wood floors.

We first met with our client to see how our services could assist them with their vision. A couple of concerns they had were the amount of mess or dust and also how long they had to stay off their wood floors. We were able to solve all these concerns for them. One, we have a great dustless option. This consists of a large commercial vacuum and then also an air scrubber (BuildClean). Second, concerning the time factor, we solved this by going with a UV finish option.

This Green Bay refinish consisted of stairs, hallway, and kitchen area. The floors were scratched and worn in areas and had an amberish color finish on them. The reason the finish was amber was due to the fact that the previous coating used on the wood floors was a UV sensitive product (not to be confused with UV cured finish). This means that as light hits the finish, it changes color and ambers.worn-maple-wood-floor

Now onto refinishing the hardwood floors. We completely refinished these floors and stairs by sanding off the old coating. The stairs were a lot of detail work because all the wood in-between the spindles had to be scrapped by hand. You may ask why by hand? This is because of how the spindles are designed (code says no bigger gap than a 4″ sphere can pass through). The bottom of the spindles were closer than 3″. Thus, it took a lot of work to scrape and sand the wood in-between all the spindles.


refinish-stairs Once the floor was all sanded, we then sealed it a primer that was going to leave the floor lighter in color. This achieved a nice contrast with the darker trim, giving it a nice appeal to the spaces. We then applied one coat of UV finish and allowed it to dry 2-4 hours. Once that coat dried, we cured the UV finish on the hardwood floors using an ultraviolet light machine. The finish is then instantly cured. The next day we came back in and buffed the floor to smooth out any raised grain from the sealer and finish. We vacuumed, tacked, and applied another coat of UV finish. Once again, we let it dry and then cured the finish. As soon as we were done curing the hardwood floors, the finish was as hard as it will get which allows you to immediately move furniture and rugs back in place. The house is clean, virtually dust-free, and ready for you to enjoy.        

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If you are in the Green Bay area and looking to have your hardwood floors refinished, contact us! We’d love to see how we can assist you.

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