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Wood Floor & Stair Refinishing
New Wood Floor Installation
Hardwood Floor Recoating
Hardwood Floor Repairs

Have you ever wanted to restore the natural beauty of your existing hardwood floors, or have new hardwood floors installed to brighten up an area, but weren’t sure where to start or what options were available? We understand that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to species of hardwood, colors and stains, floor patterns etc… So, we thought we would provide you with some current hardwood trends in 2018 to help give you some inspiration, as well as display the many wonderful things you can do with your hardwood floors.


Warm Rich Tones

Though Natural hardwood color will always be a staple, during 2017 we saw a shift towards darker richer tones such as browns and even rich black tones. We are confident that you will continue to see this trend continue in the years to come.


These rich dark tones are becoming more popular as they add a warm and inviting touch to your space, and provide an unrivaled elegance. Typically, the darker the floor tone, the more apparent dust and scratches become. However, do not let this deter you from experiencing the beauty of these rich dark tones. Using hard wax finishes like Rubio Monocoat which have a lower sheen allow for the beauty of the rich tones to show through while minimizing the visibility of dust or scratches.

rift and quartered white oak flooring in an open dining room



Neutrals and Greys

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the other color palate that is gaining popularity are neutral colors like greys and whites. While this may seem like an interesting choice for a floor color, it provides a more classic and modern look and allows you to add virtually any color to your space.


Another advantage of lighter toned flooring it its ability to hide dust and scratches, making it an excellent choice for those who may have pets or children. The other benefit is that whites or greys can also be tinted or toned with browns to have a warmer hue if that is your preference.



Adding a unique touch to your space is not only accomplished by floor color, but also by floor design and patterns. Over the last couple of years, we have seen some trends emerge both in the style and patterns of the floors we install; here are a few of them.

Wide Plank Flooring 

Wide plank flooring has become increasingly popular in our new installs. While traditional existing floors typically range from two-inch to five-inch wide boards, a lot of our new installs are choosing to go with wider plank flooring ranging from six-inch to eight-inch wide boards, and sometimes even wider than that. Wide plank flooring provides a visual element by reducing the number of seams, or lines, between boards in a floor due to less total boards being used because of their added width. Because each board is considerably wider than traditional flooring, you are able to see more of the beauty of the wood through the natural  grain patterns. These characteristics  add beauty to any room and make for a wonderful conversation piece.

Rubio Monocoat on Walnut|Neenah WI

 Chevron and Herringbone 

Chevrons and Herringbone patters are becoming increasingly popular as they add another dimension to your space by providing an eye-capturing pattern. Both chevrons and herringbone provide a zig-zag pattern to the flooring, and often times different species of wood are used in the pattern to make it have even more contrast and visual appeal.


 hand cut chevron by signature custom flooring


As you look at creating your own space and making it unique to you, we hope that this has helped shine a spotlight on the versatility and uniqueness that hardwood flooring has to offer in helping to create that space.



SCF Blog 1

There are many reasons to purchase an area rug when you have hardwood flooring. Aside from the obvious benefits of keeping your floors looking healthy and spectacular, there’s also the practical benefit of the area rug providing comfort and cushion for you on the hard surface. The most important reason for using an area rug, though, is that it is a great way to add character and extra color to any room! Review these tips for selecting the perfect area rug that will be best for your hardwood floor.


One of the most important things to look for in an area rug is making sure it is non-staining. For a rug to be non-staining, the color or dyes contained in the rug will not run or bleed through onto your hardwood floors when they become damp. In most cases, the rug’s manufacturer will put a warning on the rug that indicates that the color may run through the rug if it is wet, so it is extremely important to read the label before purchasing any area rug for your floor.


Wool has been the staple for rugs for decades and, to this day, still is because it is the best fiber for rugs due to its long lasting durability. Additionally, the back of the rug is equally important because that is the part that will touch the nice hardwood floor. The worst kind of backing for your floor would be a rug with a latex backing. Latex does not allow for circulation, and it will trap moisture or gases that will warp your hardwood floor and ruin the finish. The rug you choose should be breathable. A rug with a woven backing is most ideal because it allows for airflow.

Rubber Backed Rugs

Walking through almost any store that caries any rugs and you’ll see rubber backed rugs. Rubber backed rugs on hardwood floors aren’t a good idea. They don’t allow the floor to breathe and have a tendency to leave marks on the wood floor from discoloration caused by the sun.

Different Rugs for Different Needs

One of the most popular uses of an area rug on a hardwood floor is for protection from furniture scratches, UV rays or sunlight that will change your floor’s color, or other situations that could cause damage. In addition area rugs can also protect your floor from dust and debris that is brought in from the outside. However, you will want to make sure you clean these rugs regularly because the dirt can make its way underneath your rug and scratch your beautiful hardwood floor. During the winter months, your rug will protect your floor from snow and moisture if you clean and dry your rug on a regular basis.

Consequences of Using an Area Rug

It is true that area rugs can protect your floor and make your room look spectacular, but one unforeseen consequence of using an area rug is the marks left behind over years of sunlight exposure. Depending on the amount of sunlight exposure and the type of wood and finish of your floor, you will see marks left behind.

In this photo, this maple floor had a rug over it for 10 years, and because maple changes so much over time due to UV rays, there is still evidence (the darker toned is significantly noticeable) where the rug was versus where the maple floor was exposed.

Area Rug Pads – Yay or Nay?

Some area rugs come with a backing that already holds the rug in place on your floor, so you may think you don’t need an area rug pad. But, most times, these backings still don’t offer enough support for the rug, and it will begin to slide around on your floor and cause damage. This may indicate that you need a rug pad, but there are a few things to consider before you purchase rug pads:

  • Verify your floor’s factory hardwood type. While a large percentage of hardwood floors are finished with polyurethane, floor trends are starting to shift towards acrylic, lacquered or luxury vinyl. If you have a one of the three latter types, avoid plastic or PVC rug pads, which will, more often than not, have negative results on finishes that aren’t polyurethane.

  • There are rugs pads you should look for. Felt and natural rubber rug pads offer great cushioning and they ensure your rug won’t slip around on your floor. Felt can be great for cushioning, but felt pads don’t work well for smaller rugs because they won’t have the same gripping strength as natural rubber pads. Natural rubber pads have excellent longevity and the best gripping strength, and they are safe to use on any type of floor or finish.

  • Rug pads you should avoid at all costs. Any rug pad that has adhesives will hold your rug in place, but these pads are terrible for your floors. Additionally, PVC or plastic pads can ruin your hardwood floors from discoloration. Lastly, avoid synthetic rubber pads, but they can and will leave marks on your wood that will require sanding and resealing to restore your floors back to their original beauty.

Selecting the right area rug will maintain your amazing hardwood floors and make your home look great, but there can be some consequences with selecting a rug to cover your floors When you are choosing your rug, keep these tips in mind and your floors will continue looking liking new.

Hardwood flooring trends tend to go in a circle, what was in will be out of style but will be back in style completing the style circle. A couple of current trends I’m seeing are
-wide plank floors
-dark stained hardwood
-penetrating oil finish

Wide Plank Hardwood Floors
what is considered a plank? Any hardwood strip that is wider than 3in is considered a plank. People love the look of wide planks because the grain pattern really shows up in certain species of wood like Ash, Oak, Hickory.
It’s great in large rooms because there are less board lines breaking up the sight line giving it a much nicer flow . It also just looks really cool to have a very wide piece of wood down and justmarvel and all the interesting characteristics of the wood. 

New Ash Floor Oshkosh













Dark Stained Floors
Dark stained floors have been gaining a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. One Pearson told me that floor colors follow the way people feel about the economy, when it’s not doing so well they want there floors to be dark and when it’s doing great they want it lighter, not sure how much stock I put into that but I just found it interesting.Lately I’ve stained Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak and a lot of Maple. Dark floors tend to look great when there is a contrast between the floor and the trim. One floor I did was an old Maple floor that got finished with black Magic Oil 2k and the trim was white, which really gave it a stunning contrast.

Dark Stained Red Oak Floor



Penetrating oil
It has been popular over in Europe for 20+ years. Where just a little slow on catching up with trends. Some of the benefits as to why people like penetrating oil are
-low VOC(volatile organic compound)
-color and finish all in one
-hand rubbed oil look
-fast turnaround
Most penetrating oils are made from natural oils which make them very low odor(voc) less harmful to people with allergies because there is no harmful smell.
Hand Rubbed Oil Look
Hand rubbed oil look looks like an older floor that has been rubbed with oil which soaks down into the grain of the wood giving it this beautiful natural matte finish

Fast Turn Around
Most penetrating oils have a very quick turn around, un-like a lot of the typical film finishes(meaning it creates a film on top of the wood and not soaking in) that require you wait 2-3 days before you can move stuff back into the area that’s been refinished. Most penetrating oils cure very fast and you can move furniture back in anywhere from 12-24hrs after the hardwood floor has been completed, making it great for people who want a fast turn around.

Oil re-coat|Oshkosh,WI


If you need more flooring ideas for your next project a couple of places I’d go for ideas is Pintrest or Houzz. You can find some great flooring ideas on either of those sites.

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