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Wood Floor & Stair Refinishing
New Wood Floor Installation
Hardwood Floor Recoating
Hardwood Floor Repairs

New homeowners often contact us to see what we can do with wood floors that are damaged and fairly outdated.  That was the case with this birch floor in Green Bay.  On this project, we had the opportunity to work with an interior designer in Green Bay (Design Of The Interior).  They gave us a sample of the color pallet they were looking at having the birch floor match.  With that, we created a color that matched their sample.color-matching-sample  As we continued to refinish the wood floors throughout this house in Green Bay, we were excited to see the whole space transformed with this new color.  We could keep talking about the process of refinishing these birch floors, but what better way to show you than by video!  So join us and watch the behind-the-scenes process of what all goes into this job! 

As you can see, we put a lot of effort and attention into refinishing a floor.  There is a great deal of knowledge, skill, and detail involved in refinishing a birch floor like this one.  We can’t wait to see what the space looks like once it is all furnished!



We recently received a call from Apex Home Improvements to refinish a finger parquet wood floor in Appleton. They were remodeling a kitchen, which included removing some walls and enlarging the doorway, and exposed flooring that needed repair. There was also some worn spots in the parquet from years of wear and tear that the new cabinets wouldn’t cover.


parquet wood flooring refinish before kitchen

(Before refinishing)


We started refinishing the parquet, and we were able to clean away its old, grey worn spots. At first, they wanted to stain the floor. But after seeing what the clean parquet looked like, and after talking with us about our experiences with parquet in different spaces, they decided to keep the space lighter. 


parquet wood flooring refinish kitchen appleton wi

(After refinishing)


It was an excellent choice. As you can see in the two “after” pictures, all the finger parquet flooring variations shine through and beautifully enhance the look of the new kitchen.


parquet wood flooring refinish kitchen appleton wi

(After refinishing)

This job took place in Neenah, Wisconsin and there are some pretty cool things we did here. The floor was originally stained a medium brown, which, at the time was good. But like most things, it was time to update the the space’s color. I’m always amazed by how much just changing the color of your hardwood floors can transform a space.Before refinish|Neenah,WI

 You can see how the floor has some cupping due to the space not being kept a consistent temperature and humidity. The floor was tested to make sure the moisture content was at a normal range so we didn’t cause any problems by sanding it flat. To learn more on where to keep your home’s climate click here

Walnut progress picture

As you can see, all the old finish has been removed from the wood floors and they are down to bare wood. The floor is nice and flat, which now makes a good foundation for the Rubio Monocoat to be applied. We then water pop the floor, opening up the grain so the monocoat can penetrate into the wood fibers.First coat of Rubio Monocoat

Generally when we use Rubio Monocoat we apply one coat,  just like the name refers to “mono”. But certain species have a more open grain and require multiple coats of Rubio to ensure that the floor is fully protected. This is the first layer of color applied to achieve that custom look the client wanted.Completed Rubio Monocoat on Walnut

Now that we have the second coat of Rubio on the wood floors, it’s time to work on transforming the mahogany herringbone border.

Mahogany Herringbone

Another part of the project we had to tackle was the mahogany herringbone border around the formal dining room. We needed to get this as close to the final color of the finished walnut to blend the two different species of wood together. As you can see, mahogany is naturally a very red hue. This added another element to figure out, which is one of the enjoyable things we get to do.Changing Mahogany Herringbone color

 So we worked on a few different samples before we came up with a solution to mute out the red in the mahogany and get the color very close to that of the walnut floor.Completed Walnut Rubio Hardwood Floor|Neenah,WI

Now that the floor is all completed and the furniture is back in, you can really see how color can change a space. No two floors and spaces are the same and neither should the color be that way. Custom colors can truly transform a space and make it your own.


   Looking at your current interior styling, you decide that you want to make a change. So, you obtain samples to assist you in creating a theme, to ensure that everything goes together. But wait! The hardwood flooring has such a prominent color that you think it’s too difficult to do anything with.  What should you do?  Rip it out? 

Brazilian Cherry|BeforeBrazilian Cherry|Before

                                      Before the floors where refinished

We recently worked with a client in Green Bay, WI, who had the same dilemma. We first had them find some pictures of floors that they really liked. (A great way to do this is to search on Houzz and create boards, and then share them with your contractor.) We were then able to get a feel and idea of what they were looking for. We were able to come up with a custom process and color, needed to create that one-of-a-kind color for them. We then started our refinishing process to remove the old coating and to expose the grain of the wood. The floor had previously been finished with a product that amber’s over time.  Because this floor was getting stained, extra sanding steps were required to ensure that the scratch marks were gone. In this extra step, we went around the perimeter of the room to remove any scratch marks left by the edger. Then we followed that up with the Lagler Trio, in order to blend all the edges together with the field. Because of the tight grain pattern of Brazilian Cherry, the wood needs to be conditioned with water to open the grain. Once the hardwood is conditioned, it needs to dry.        

Prepped Brazilian Cherry|Green Bay

Preparing the floor for stain

(One battle we have as wood flooring professionals is that wood and water don’t mix too well and can cause issues, because water and solvents can get trapped in the wood cells if not given enough time and air movement to completely evaporate and dry.)


Stained|Brazilian Cherry

 Stained and ready for sealer

Then, we started to stain the hardwood with our custom stain color. Once that was allowed to dry, we applied a sealer to lock in the color and block any oil that naturally occurs in Brazilian Cherry. Most exotic woods are very oily, and that adds another element to finishing exotic woods. Once the sealer had dried, we applied two coats of a waterborne commercial finish. We used a commercial finish because it has better adhesion properties and would be less affected by the oily nature of the wood flooring in this job. This is just one of the many things that can be achieved by a wood flooring artisan. If you want a custom floor color, contact us.  We’d love to talk with you and show you how our craftsmen can create the masterpiece that’ll wow you!

 Brazilian Cherry| Stained Grey Brazilian Cherry| Stained Grey

home hardwood flooring



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