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New homeowners often contact us to see what we can do with wood floors that are damaged and fairly outdated.  That was the case with this birch floor in Green Bay.  On this project, we had the opportunity to work with an interior designer in Green Bay (Design Of The Interior).  They gave us a sample of the color pallet they were looking at having the birch floor match.  With that, we created a color that matched their sample.color-matching-sample  As we continued to refinish the wood floors throughout this house in Green Bay, we were excited to see the whole space transformed with this new color.  We could keep talking about the process of refinishing these birch floors, but what better way to show you than by video!  So join us and watch the behind-the-scenes process of what all goes into this job! 

As you can see, we put a lot of effort and attention into refinishing a floor.  There is a great deal of knowledge, skill, and detail involved in refinishing a birch floor like this one.  We can’t wait to see what the space looks like once it is all furnished!


One of the many things I enjoy about my job is transforming spaces through refinishing and restoring the wood floors. In my eyes, wood floors are more than just a job, they are a true passion of mine. This wood floor refinishing project in Stevens Point is one such example. My clients had recently bought  the house, but did not care for the outdated golden color of the floors, which was very popular from mid-90’s through early 2000’s. The trend at that time was to have everything, from trim to doors and cabinets, done in a golden oak color.  From a design point, matching all these wood surfaces does not make features stand out, and can thus make spaces look smaller. However, now that homeowners have moved away from that trend, it allows for the wood floor to create contrast and compliment the features of the space instead of just blending in. To start this particular transformation, we first put down some stain options for the homeowners to see and get a feel for how it would look in their space.

wood floor-before-refinishing


After they decided on the color, we started the wood floor refinishing process. These floors had some problems that needed to be corrected from the last time they were sanded. In all wood floors, there is both a spring and winter grain in the wood planks.  If not sanded properly, the machine can pull out the spring wood as it sands the grain, which then causes the wood floor to have a slight “dish”. This is most prominently found in wood floors that are not as dense, like the oak floors seen here. To correct this problem, we started sanding at a slight angle to remove these imperfections from the floor. In addition, we also noticed some discoloration in the flooring.  Discoloration can be caused by various factors, with the most common one being the exposure to UV rays from the sun. Other contributing factors can be if area rugs are used in the space, or even if the particular finish is UV sensitive. Over time, wood flooring will naturally change color from the exposure of the sun and its UV rays. Depending upon the species of the wood floor, these discolorations can be removed by having your wood floors refinished.This was exactly the case with our clients in Stevens Point. After we refinished the flooring, both the previous sanding imperfections and the discoloration were completely gone. The transformation of these floors turned out great.  If you ever need your space transformed, contact us to schedule a consultation!


Have you ever wanted to restore the natural beauty of your existing hardwood floors, or have new hardwood floors installed to brighten up an area, but weren’t sure where to start or what options were available? We understand that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to species of hardwood, colors and stains, floor patterns etc… So, we thought we would provide you with some current hardwood trends in 2018 to help give you some inspiration, as well as display the many wonderful things you can do with your hardwood floors.


Warm Rich Tones

Though Natural hardwood color will always be a staple, during 2017 we saw a shift towards darker richer tones such as browns and even rich black tones. We are confident that you will continue to see this trend continue in the years to come.


These rich dark tones are becoming more popular as they add a warm and inviting touch to your space, and provide an unrivaled elegance. Typically, the darker the floor tone, the more apparent dust and scratches become. However, do not let this deter you from experiencing the beauty of these rich dark tones. Using hard wax finishes like Rubio Monocoat which have a lower sheen allow for the beauty of the rich tones to show through while minimizing the visibility of dust or scratches.

rift and quartered white oak flooring in an open dining room



Neutrals and Greys

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the other color palate that is gaining popularity are neutral colors like greys and whites. While this may seem like an interesting choice for a floor color, it provides a more classic and modern look and allows you to add virtually any color to your space.


Another advantage of lighter toned flooring it its ability to hide dust and scratches, making it an excellent choice for those who may have pets or children. The other benefit is that whites or greys can also be tinted or toned with browns to have a warmer hue if that is your preference.



Adding a unique touch to your space is not only accomplished by floor color, but also by floor design and patterns. Over the last couple of years, we have seen some trends emerge both in the style and patterns of the floors we install; here are a few of them.

Wide Plank Flooring 

Wide plank flooring has become increasingly popular in our new installs. While traditional existing floors typically range from two-inch to five-inch wide boards, a lot of our new installs are choosing to go with wider plank flooring ranging from six-inch to eight-inch wide boards, and sometimes even wider than that. Wide plank flooring provides a visual element by reducing the number of seams, or lines, between boards in a floor due to less total boards being used because of their added width. Because each board is considerably wider than traditional flooring, you are able to see more of the beauty of the wood through the natural  grain patterns. These characteristics  add beauty to any room and make for a wonderful conversation piece.

Rubio Monocoat on Walnut|Neenah WI

 Chevron and Herringbone 

Chevrons and Herringbone patters are becoming increasingly popular as they add another dimension to your space by providing an eye-capturing pattern. Both chevrons and herringbone provide a zig-zag pattern to the flooring, and often times different species of wood are used in the pattern to make it have even more contrast and visual appeal.


 hand cut chevron by signature custom flooring


As you look at creating your own space and making it unique to you, we hope that this has helped shine a spotlight on the versatility and uniqueness that hardwood flooring has to offer in helping to create that space.



We see ourselves as more than just a wood flooring company. We see ourselves as problem solvers that just so happen to create beautiful, warm, inviting spaces that are wood floors.

We first met with our client to see how our services could assist them with their vision. A couple of concerns they had were the amount of mess or dust and also how long they had to stay off their wood floors. We were able to solve all these concerns for them. One, we have a great dustless option. This consists of a large commercial vacuum and then also an air scrubber (BuildClean). Second, concerning the time factor, we solved this by going with a UV finish option.

This Green Bay refinish consisted of stairs, hallway, and kitchen area. The floors were scratched and worn in areas and had an amberish color finish on them. The reason the finish was amber was due to the fact that the previous coating used on the wood floors was a UV sensitive product (not to be confused with UV cured finish). This means that as light hits the finish, it changes color and ambers.worn-maple-wood-floor

Now onto refinishing the hardwood floors. We completely refinished these floors and stairs by sanding off the old coating. The stairs were a lot of detail work because all the wood in-between the spindles had to be scrapped by hand. You may ask why by hand? This is because of how the spindles are designed (code says no bigger gap than a 4″ sphere can pass through). The bottom of the spindles were closer than 3″. Thus, it took a lot of work to scrape and sand the wood in-between all the spindles.


refinish-stairs Once the floor was all sanded, we then sealed it a primer that was going to leave the floor lighter in color. This achieved a nice contrast with the darker trim, giving it a nice appeal to the spaces. We then applied one coat of UV finish and allowed it to dry 2-4 hours. Once that coat dried, we cured the UV finish on the hardwood floors using an ultraviolet light machine. The finish is then instantly cured. The next day we came back in and buffed the floor to smooth out any raised grain from the sealer and finish. We vacuumed, tacked, and applied another coat of UV finish. Once again, we let it dry and then cured the finish. As soon as we were done curing the hardwood floors, the finish was as hard as it will get which allows you to immediately move furniture and rugs back in place. The house is clean, virtually dust-free, and ready for you to enjoy.        

(Refinishing steps)





If you are in the Green Bay area and looking to have your hardwood floors refinished, contact us! We’d love to see how we can assist you.


Luxurious dark hardwood floors can add class and extravagance to any room. They are also a great investment that increases your home’s value, and the majority of buyers prefer dark floors to lighter floors. Dark floors also give the appearance of depth and will make any room feel warm and spacious. It’s hard to go wrong with dark hardwood floors, but there are still a couple of points that you should be aware of before you decide just how dark you will want yours.Dark-Hardwood-Floors



Dark hardwood floors require more maintenance than lighter flooring. Darker floors appear dirty more rapidly because any light-colored lint or pet hair on the floor will be more noticeable, and you may find yourself and your broom going over your floors more often than you had anticipated. Darker floors also display scratches and scrapes more prominently than lighter wood floors, so if you have children and pets this may be a factor. Applying an extra coat of oil-based polyurethane varnish every three or four years can help to diminish wear and tear and help to keep your floors beautiful.

Type of Wood


The kind of wood in your home is also a consideration when deciding on flooring because different types of wood absorb stains better than others. Oak wood is naturally lighter and accepts stains quite well. Walnut is another type of wood that accepts stains easily. Birch, pine and maple wood do not tolerate staining very well and should be left in their natural state.

Dark Floors Fade in Sunlight


If your dark hardwood floors will have an abundance of direct sunlight shining on them all day, they will start to fade over time. However, they can always be refinished when this happens and be returned to their lustrous beauty.    



Dark hardwood floors present a charming, rich and warm feel to any home with elegance and beauty. They also give a vast appearance to a room and they present a beautiful contrast to light-colored furniture and fixtures. Just how dark you decide that you will want your floors will depend on a few things. Ask yourself how much maintenance you are prepared to live with and whether you’ll mind having them refinished if they fade or become worn out.


You also need to know what type of wood your home has so that you know how well the wood will absorb a dark stain. Ultimately, these factors along with your personal preference will determine how dark to stain your floors. If you’d like to read what another contractor had to say about dark wood floors check out this article click here 


It is a common occurrence to be afflicted by allergies. Most of us suffer from “allergy season” during the peaks of the season but many of us can continue to experience symptoms throughout the year due to dust, pollen, animal dander, and the like having settled into our homes regardless of how relentless we may be with cleaning.

Signature Flooring offers a hypoallergenic solution that not only aids in the removal of stubborn allergens from your home, but also makes your home look clean and welcoming.

Avoid Carpeting

If you, your significant other, a child, or a frequent visitor (like your mother) has allergies it is best to avoid carpeting. This type of flooring tends to retain more allergens from dirt, dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander because of all the available space it can hide in.

Even through regular cleaning, simply vacuuming your carpeting may not be removing all of the allergens. They can get embedded into your carpeting with foot traffic. A carpet cleaner can also have negative effects towards allergen removal since carpet retains moisture which assists in the development of mold and mildew.

Parents are often seeking alternative flooring options for their children since children spend so much time crawling around on the floor getting into mischief that can be unavoidable no matter how many precautions are taken. This is why having hypoallergenic flooring options are so crucial; parents can help their little ones minimize exposure to harmful bacteria, germs, or mold by installing wood floors.


Meet Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is an excellent hypoallergenic solution for your home. Wood floors became a popular option for kitchens because of the hypoallergenic benefits and how fast and easy it is to clean and maintain even heavy-use flooring. This trend has continued to spread throughout the home for the same reason. Many homes now feature hardwood flooring throughout which enriches the look and feel. What once began in the kitchen now warms the environment of bedrooms to living rooms and beyond.

So, how does hardwood flooring prevent the effects of allergens?

Since hardwood has a smooth, flat surface allergens do not get trapped or settle into the material. Regular cleaning maintenance to help combat any allergens requires little more than sweeping with a soft bristle broom, or vacuuming with a soft floor attachment if your wood floor includes a beveled edge that could collect debris. You also should clean your floors periodically with a professional wood floor-cleaning product, which we will discuss either before or after installation. Doing so will help remove any bacteria that could have developed due to food debris or spills.

For more information on wood flooring maintenance check out our Refinishing Guide.

Contact us today for a personal consultation on your hypoallergenic hardwood flooring options.

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