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5 Images of Rough Looking Hardwood Floors [and their transformations!]

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Dec 24, 2014

Here are 5 examples of rough looking hardwood floors and their transformations!

#1 Maple Floor

This Maple floor had a lot of discoloration and had cupping due to the floor not being properly taken care of over time. By refinishing this floor we where able to take care of the discoloration by using a different finish that isn’t UV sensitive. We were also able to take care of the cupping and give the customer the knowledge to keep the floor flat for years to come.


maple hardwood floor before



#2 Red Oak Floor

This Red Oak floor had carpet glued down to it and you sometimes never know what the floor will look like until its been refinished. This floor turned out fantastic and the customer was thrilled with how well the floor turned out.


Red Oak Floor Before - Omro WI


Red Oak Floor After - Omro WI

#3 White Oak Floor

This White Oak floor had remnants of old carpet pad which required me to take an extra sanding step to remove all the pad off of the floor. Sanding the floor reveled a stunning wood floor that you generally don’t see in older homes around Oshkosh (most old floors are Maple because that’s what was most available in the area).


White Oak hardwood refinish - Oshkosh WI


White Oak Hardwood Refinish - Oshkosh WI

#4 Hardwood Steps

These set of steps had carpet on them and had a wear pattern from all the traffic going up and down in the same area. The carpet was removed and the steps where refinished and finished with Rubio Monocoat giving them a consistent even color.


wood steps before refinishing


Rubio Monocoat on Maple Steps - Appleton WI

#5 Maple Floor

This Maple floor had scratches in it that where too deep to remove, so it didn’t pay to have it buffed and re-coated. Instead, we refinished it and applied two coats of a commercial finish to make it more durable.


maple hardwood floor before


maple hardwood floor after

If you have worn hardwood floors or steps, or are looking to remove carpeting that covers a hardwood surface, please contact me for a free quote! I would love to help transform your hardwood surface into a beautiful new piece of art!

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