The Signature Process

What to Expect from Start to Finish

Your home is the largest investment you will ever make. It’s also the one investment you will spend the most time enjoying. Why not make it as beautiful as possible? We understand the complexities of floor installations and refinishing. Our thorough and custom process discovers what you love and what will enrich your home.

Consultation with Aaron

I’ll Meet and Talk About Your Floor

We meet with you in your home and talk about your floor. This helps us understand what your vision is for how your floor(s) should look. Then we talk about different wood species, finishes and stain options. We make what you want happen around your schedule.

Matching your floor to the period of your home? We can do that with different finishes and techniques.

Replacing a wood floor or carpeted area? We share detailed information on wood species to help you choose the right hardwood for your home.

Making a statement with a one-of-a-kind feature? We will talk about medallions, inlays, and other stunning options for your home.

Within a few days of our meeting, you will receive a detailed quote including everything we discussed. Once you accept it, we can coordinate a time to begin the work.


I’ll Start Sanding When You’re Ready

Before we sand the floor, we ask that you clear everything off of it. Sanding generally takes up to 2 days on an average size floor.

Dustless sanding is possible because we have invested over $14,000 into state-of-the-art sanding equipment to keep your home free from dust. It’s so clean you won’t even know we were there…except for the amazing floor, of course!

Custom Flooring Job

Refinishing, Repairs or Installation

After sanding, we work on your floors to refinish, repair, recoat or install new wood. The exact steps change depending on the job.
Floor Installation
Floor Use and Maintenance

Learn How to Care for Your New Floors

Once we’re done and the finish has dried, you can walk on your newly finished flooring. Typically, you will have to wait 2 days before moving furniture back onto it to avoid damaging the finish. But you can use your floor the same day if you select our fast UV-curing service.

Before we go, we give you a folder full of useful information to help you care for your restored wood floor. We found that a little tender loving care can greatly increase your floor’s longevity.

Complimentary Consultation

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