Aaron Schaalma

Wood Flooring Is My Art. Your Floor Is My Canvas

Aaron Schaalma

Wood Flooring Is My Art. Your Floor Is My Canvas

As hardwood flooring enthusiasts, we know how the right flooring can change the look and feel of an entire room or even your entire house.

And beautifully custom-crafted floors make your house a home…

Which is why our owner Aaron is passionate about providing an enjoyable and personal experience.

He will personally be there throughout the entire process, meaning he will be the one talking to you on the phone, and the one that comes to your home to get to know you and your hardwood hopes and dreams.

He will spend 30-90 minutes meeting and discussing with you the best options to create the perfect, custom-tailored floors you’ve been dreaming of.

That way you feel completely supported and comfortable knowing Aaron will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you get the exact floors that you want.

National Wood Flooring Association

Experience and Certification

NWFA Certification is like a college diploma: It takes years to qualify for it, and we had to pass written and hands-on tests to get it. But unlike a diploma, NWFA Certification can be taken away if work doesn’t meet precise standards for quality workmanship. Certification also requires continuing education, ensuring that your NWFA craftsman is skilled at the latest practices.

Your floors will be held to the highest standards. Guaranteed.

Experienced NWFA Craftsman
National Wood Flooring Association Member
NWFA Certified Sand & Finisher Professional
Cost and Estimates

How Much Do Services Cost?

Pricing bespoke wood flooring projects depends on the service you choose, the wood you select, square footage of your floor, and more. To give you an accurate estimate and a range of options and ideas, call or click here to schedule a consultation.

We will spend 30-90 minutes meeting with you in your home, share wood samples, show you our work, take humidity readings to determine the best wood for your home, and talk about what you would like. Then we will send you a detailed proposal covering all the discussed options and plans. (Learn more about our process.)

We aren’t the cheapest option, but we strive to be the best. Every one of our original floors is backed by our meticulous attention to detail, great pride in our artistry, and by the NWFA.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Signature Custom Flooring

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Ready to make your hardwood flooring dreams a reality?

“Signature Custom Flooring is dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship. My commitment to each of my customers is reflected in the finished product.”

~ Aaron Schaalma
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