5 Myths About Hardwood Floors & The Real Facts

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

5 Hardwood Floor Myths

There are a handful of myths that people seem to believe about hardwood floors that I come across often in my profession. I am going to straighten out these popular myths and let you know the facts behind these popular misconceptions about hardwood floors.

Myth #1: Hardwood Floors are Cold

I hear many people tell me that hardwood floors are cold and that's why they don't have them in their bedrooms. I get it that there is this huge misconception that hardwood floors are cold because when you get out of your bed in winter there is no warm soft fuzzy carpet to place your feet. First off hardwood floors really aren't that cold, they are in fact great insulators at keeping the warmth in. If thinking that hardwood floors are cold is what is holding you back from installing hardwood in your home, always remember that rugs are a great solution to this.

Myth #2: They are Noisy

The thought that hardwood floors cause rooms to be louder or noisier is false. While hardwood does reflect more sound than carpet it, it plays a very small part in how loud or noisy a room may get. A few things that make a big difference in how loud your room are:

1. How much furniture is in the room? 2. How many rugs do you have in place? 3. What kind of curtains do you use?

Any cloth material in a wood floored room will help absorb sound and echoes, decreasing how loud a room may get. Any room that lacks furniture, rugs, or curtains will echo more loudly that a fully furnished one.

Myth #3: Hardwood Floors are Expensive

The myth behind "they're expensive" is that people don't take into account the life of the floor and just are sticker shocked. People should start thinking of purchasing a hardwood floor as an investment, and not just a purchase. If you compare the price of a few new carpet installations to the long life of a hardwood floor, the hardwood floor is about the same price or even cheaper than a few rounds of new carpet. Also, the price of a hardwood floor is determined by species, grading and different types of finish so what you decide will factor into the over cost too.

Myth #4: They are Hard to Maintain

It is a myth that hardwood floors are really hard to maintain. Actually they are quite easy to care for and maintain. For the most part you just clean it with a neutral PH hardwood floor cleaner when it's dirty. And depending on the amount of wear the floor receives, the wood should be re-coated by a professional every 5-7 years.

Myth #5: Not Good for Kitchens

People are worried that hardwood floors in kitchens are at greater risk of damage because of increased frequency of spills, buildup of moisture, and heavy items like dishes being dropped. By placing rugs in front of areas that do have moisture, like dishwasher and sink, the hardwood will be protected from the moisture and condensation. So worry no more! These 5 hardwood floor myths have been debunked.