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Wood flooring is my art.
Your floor is my canvas.

   Artistic Flooring Company by an Experienced NWFA Craftsman

Aaron Schaalma|Signature Custom Flooring“I love to design, create and transform spaces that take your breath away when you enter the room. I want it to capture that magic moment you feel when you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by natural beauty. If you’re lucky and time a hike through the forest just right, you might catch the rich beams of the setting sun illuminate the trees in a radiant halo. Every one of my floors is like that time: a radiant memory that never fades. Wood is my favorite material to work with because it has so much variety. I can create so much with it. I’m looking forward to making your wood floors one-of-a-kind.” 


How much does it cost?

Pricing bespoke wood flooring projects depends on the service you choose, the wood you select, square footage of your floor, and more. To give you an accurate estimate and a range of options and ideas, call or click here to schedule a consultation.

We will spend 30-90 minutes meeting with you in your home, share wood samples, show you our work, take humidity readings to determine the best wood for your home, and talk about what you would like. Then we will send you a detailed proposal covering all the discussed options and plans. (Learn more about our process.)

We aren’t the cheapest option, but we strive to be the best. Every one of our original floors is backed by our meticulous attention to detail, great pride in our artistry, and by the NWFA.


Accountability Guaranteed with NWFA Certification

NWFA Certification is like a college diploma: It takes years to qualify for it, and we had to pass written and hands-on tests to get it. But unlike a diploma, NWFA Certification can be taken away if work doesn’t meet precise standards for quality workmanship. Certification also requires continuing education, ensuring that your NWFA craftsman is skilled at the latest practices.

Your floors will be held to the highest standards. Guaranteed.



Experienced NWFA craftsman


National Wood Flooring Association Member


NWFA Certified Sand & Finisher Professional



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NWFA Certified

National Wood Flooring Association Member • NWFA Certified Sand & Finisher Professional