Adding Texture to your Hardwood Floor

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

Have you ever looked across your hardwood floor and admired the beauty, and yet thought that it was still missing something to really make it stand out? If you have, you are not alone. In fact, even in my own house or projects I try to look for ways that will take my wood floors to the next level. So, when I learned about wire brushing hardwood floors, you can say that I was quite intrigued.Wire brushing a hardwood floor is exactly as it sounds. The same type of wire brush material that you use to clean off metal is used to create a unique pattern in your hardwood floor. If you are worried that wire brushing sounds a little extreme or aggressive to do on a hard wood floor, let me assure you that this technique can be accomplished without causing damage to the integrity of the floor or shortening its life span. Now, let's take a look at how this technique is accomplished, and different things that affect the process. Wire brushing essentially removes some of the spring wood, which is the softest grain of the wood, to create a texture in the flooring. With that being said, wire brushing will have a more dramatic effect on softer grained woods like oak, ash, or black walnut, and a very minimal effect on harder grained wood species like maple, or Brazilian cherry. When wire brushing a floor, the same preparations are taken such as sanding, and screening the floor to make sure you are working on a smooth and level surface. After these preparations are completed, the floor is then sprayed with a light coat of water to help open the grain of the wood for wire brushing, and to minimize any dust created by the process. A special machine equipped with wire brushes is then used on the floor to remove the spring wood, creating a unique texture to the floor. After this is completed, the floor is finished with a stain, if desired, and then sealer and finish is applied as the final steps. This technique creates a unique texture that you may have never seen before. In addition, dark stains are often chosen with this technique as it enhances, and brings out the texture created by wire brushing. Hardwood flooring is our passion, and we would love to help take your floors to the next level.