Breathe Life Back into your Prefinished Floor with this Sandless Process

Posted by Aaron Schaalma


 Remember how excited you were when you picked out your new prefinished floor? Remember how you waited patiently for the project to begin and how excited you were to see the beautiful prefinished hardwood floor being installed? Now, some time has passed, and your floors are not as beautiful as you once remembered them to be. You do some research, and much to your dismay, you arrive at the conclusion that your floors cannot be site-finished without having them completely refinished.

Scenarios such as this are the reason why staying up to date on the latest products is very important to us at Signature Custom Flooring. By staying up to date, we can better meet the needs of you, our customer. The hardwood floor that you thought was ruined can be recoated. Using advanced products, Signature Custom Flooring can apply a commercial grade finish over any prefinished wood floor (as long as the finish is properly adhered to the boards) and make it look like new again.

One of the first things Signature Custom Flooring will do during this process is to check an area of the prefinished wood floor to make sure the finish is properly adhered. We’ll do this by using the “cross hatch” method. This method is performed by taking a knife and making two to four horizontal and vertical marks on the floor. Next, we will take a piece of tape and apply it to the cross hatched area, making sure the finished system will work on your floor. Once we determine that the finish is adhered well to the floor, we are ready to begin the sandless process of restoring your hardwood floor to its original beauty.


After making sure the floors are ready for the sandless process, Signature Custom Flooring will vacuum the floor to make sure it is free of debris. We will then clean the floor using a specialized cleaner to remove any contaminants that might be on the hardwood floor. When the floor is clean, it is ready for the contact product to be applied. The contact product will burn through the finish to create a bond with the wood. The next step is to apply a coat of a two- component commercial finish. There are a couple of reasons why we use a two-component commercial finish. First, the two products applied together create a very strong bond; and second, this type of application will be more comparable to the current finish on your floor.

Now that the whole process is complete, your hardwood floor once again looks like new!

If you're not sure how to clean or protect your floors, we have you covered with these great article on cleaning and protecting your floors. Signature Custom Flooring can help you determine if your floor is in need of this process. If you would like us to bring your hardwood floors back to their original life, contact us at (920)279-7871 or [email protected]