Factors to Consider with Dark Floors

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

Luxurious dark hardwood floors can add class and extravagance to any room. They are also a great investment that increases your home’s value, and the majority of buyers prefer dark floors to lighter floors. Dark floors also give the appearance of depth and will make any room feel warm and spacious. It’s hard to go wrong with dark hardwood floors, but there are still a couple of points that you should be aware of before you decide just how dark you will want yours.Dark-Hardwood-Floors


Dark hardwood floors require more maintenance than lighter flooring. Darker floors appear dirty more rapidly because any light-colored lint or pet hair on the floor will be more noticeable, and you may find yourself and your broom going over your floors more often than you had anticipated. Darker floors also display scratches and scrapes more prominently than lighter wood floors, so if you have children and pets this may be a factor. Applying an extra coat of oil-based polyurethane varnish every three or four years can help to diminish wear and tear and help to keep your floors beautiful.

Type of Wood

The kind of wood in your home is also a consideration when deciding on flooring because different types of wood absorb stains better than others. Oak wood is naturally lighter and accepts stains quite well. Walnut is another type of wood that accepts stains easily. Birch, pine and maple wood do not tolerate staining very well and should be left in their natural state.

Dark Floors Fade in Sunlight

If your dark hardwood floors will have an abundance of direct sunlight shining on them all day, they will start to fade over time. However, they can always be refinished when this happens and be returned to their lustrous beauty.


Dark hardwood floors present a charming, rich and warm feel to any home with elegance and beauty. They also give a vast appearance to a room and they present a beautiful contrast to light-colored furniture and fixtures. Just how dark you decide that you will want your floors will depend on a few things. Ask yourself how much maintenance you are prepared to live with and whether you’ll mind having them refinished if they fade or become worn out.

You also need to know what type of wood your home has so that you know how well the wood will absorb a dark stain. Ultimately, these factors along with your personal preference will determine how dark to stain your floors. If you'd like to read what another contractor had to say about dark wood floors check out this article click here