Hardwood Floor Refinishing Guide Now Available

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Guide

Did you know that having a hardwood floor in your home can increase the value of it by $7,000-$9,000? According to 99% of U.S Real Estate Agents, homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell, and sell for more money! That’s an investment you want to maintain and protect! Installing hardwood floors in your home was the right choice, and I can say that even if I am a little biased! There’s no doubt that their warmth adds a homey and traditional feel to your house, yet they can add a very unique touch to your home. From the color and finish options, to the wood species and design choices, your hardwood flooring options are extensive. I want to help you keep your beautiful hardwood floors looking great and lasting for years. Doing that includes making the right decisions when it comes time to refinish them. I have put together a hardwood floor refinishing guide that will teach you what you need to know when it comes to extending the life of your floors. The guide discusses the types of finishes used, stain colors, and sheen of finishes, as well as how to pick the right hardwood flooring professional. The guide includes some before and after images as well as advice on maintenance and protection! Please download the guide for free here!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Guide: Download Now!

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