Health and Eco-Friendly Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

Did you know that hardwood floors are not only eco-friendly but also have health benefits like keeping the air and surfaces in your house cleaner? Yep, hardwood is the perfect solution for helping keep your floors, air, and home free of chemicals, dust, and allergens.  And the upkeep? Well, that’s easy peasy too.  So if you want to know more about the green and clean benefits of hardwood with Signature Custom Flooring and the cleaning products that we love, keep on readin’. 

Our hardwood is sourced locally 

We really dig supporting our local community. It’s not only better for the economy, but also better for the environment.  Using locally or domestically sourced wood means that you don’t have to worry about the health or environmental concerns from importing and/or using wood or wood alternatives such as luxury vinyl plank flooring from other countries.  [caption id="attachment_3351" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Unfinished Ash hardwood floor Locally grown ash hardwood flooring[/caption] Unfortunately, to keep flooring options cheap, a lot of times flooring can be imported from other countries, like China, However, these floors are not always the safest or cleanest choice.  Which is why here at SCF we like to keep things local.  So when possible we source our hardwood from Wisconsin and areas close to us.  But unfortunately, not all wood can come from our fave state of WI, so we sometimes source our wood from other areas in the US.  But one thing that we can promise you is that we always use wood that is sourced here in the good ol’ U.S. OF A. 

Our hardwood is all-natural 

You might be thinking, “well of course wood is natural”... But the truth is a lot of hardwood these days can be treated with less-than-natural chemicals.  And we realize that sometimes you just want to keep things clean and simple.  So our promise to you is that our floors and all the products we use to install, refinish, and recoat them are the cleanest and safest on the market. 

We use natural coating and wax on our hardwood floors

[caption id="attachment_3276" align="aligncenter" width="300"]American Cherry with Loba Impact Oil Locally grown and milled American Cherry with natural oil finish[/caption] Yes, our hardwood is locally or domestically sourced and free of pesky chemicals, but what about the coatings or finishes we use? Well, you can rest easy knowing that all of the products we use to achieve the perfect color, tone, and finish for your hardwood are all-natural as well.  We use hard wax coating and penetrating oils which are water-based. These offer the safest solutions to customize your hardwood floors to look exactly how you want in the greenest and healthiest way possible.  Feel free to sneak a peek at our blog over recoating versus refinishing your hardwood floors to find out a little more about the green process we use for each.  And one of the best things about natural oils and waxes?  The smell that some experience after a new install or a fresh hardwood floor update is very minimal.  Why? Well because our oils and waxes don’t contain harmful chemicals, keeping your family and home free and clear of the off-gassing that others may experience with other coatings and finishes. 

Keeping your hardwood clean (with green products) is a breeze

We know that keeping your floors clean enough to eat off of isn’t always the easiest task.  cleaning-wood-floor But since wood floors are hard and natural surfaces, keeping them clean and disinfected is super easy.  So we wanted to share some of our favorite cleaning products and brands so you can maintain a clean and environmentally conscious space while maintaining the integrity of your floors.  You see, some of the common floor cleaners may make your floors super shiny at first, they actually can cause issues with your hardwood in the long-run. This is because they may contain surface-dulling oils that collect dust and dirt and/or waxy polishes that cause buildup on the surface of your floors.  And this makes it difficult to recoat your floors in the future due to the new top coat not adhering to wood cleaned with these products.  Plus, they are filled with more chemicals.  So think twice before using cleaners such as: -Orange Glo -Murphy’s Oil -Mop & Glo Ok so now onto the more green cleaning solutions that we like.  If you’re looking for a safer alternative to clean and keep your floors looking their best, we really like Pallmann, Glitsa, and Loba cleaning products These brands offer a safer alternative than chemical-filled cleaners.  Plus they will keep your shiny new hardwood floors in tip-top shape.  And if you’re looking for something completely free of liquid cleaner, we love this Norwex antibacterial and antimicrobial mop set. This handy mop set utilizes silver particles in the mop head so all you have to do is wet the cloth with water and mop, and it will naturally disinfect your space with no chemicals needed.  Pretty cool, huh?

Cleaner floors, cleaner air and cleaner home with hardwood from Signature Custom Flooring 

[caption id="attachment_2974" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Green earth with plant wrapping around it Being eco friendly to the earth is important[/caption] Here in Stevens Point, WI we spend a lot of time in our houses during winter due to the four months of frigid cold weather we experience.  So we know what it’s like to want nothing but clean and safe products in your space while spending so much time at home.   And that’s why we are here to help you get those gorgeous hardwood floors you’ve been dreaming of in the cleanest and most environmentally conscious way.  So if you are considering investing in a new hardwood installation or hardwood recoating or refinishing, contact us for a free quote Or you can check us out on Pinterest for some extra hardwood floor inspiration.  Green, clean, and safe hardwood floors with Signature Custom Flooring.