How clean are your hardwood floors?

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

There is something very satisfying in restoring things to their original beauty. I remember spending time with my grandfather, who was a farmer, and after the crop season was finished, we would thoroughly clean off the equipment. I can still remember helping clean off all of the dust and dirt from the tractors, and loved having the satisfaction of being able to see my own reflection in them when we had finished. In much the same way, cleaning your wood floor is very important in keeping it looking great. Cleaning your floors regularly will help to increase its longevity, however, over time there can be a build up of of residue from the cleaner, and not being able to apply enough pressure to remove all of the dirt. If your floor and finish do not show signs of wear but have lost their original luster, the best thing to do is have a professional come in and deep clean your floors.Deep-clean-machineDeep cleaning hardwood flooring is a process where we come in and use an automated scrubber. The scrubber applies a commercial grade cleaning solution, and then the multiple brushes work the solution into the floor, even cleaning the grain of the wood. The squeegees and onboard vacuum make sure to remove all moisture and excess water during the cleaning, leaving the floor clean and dry. If you think your floors might just need to be deep cleaned, contact us!