Inspire. Desire. Design. Done! Hardwood Floor Refinishing Made Simple

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

Inspire. Desire. Design. Done! The magic of the holidays are upon us. We gather with friends and family to celebrate the joy and wonders of the season: the festive decorations, the sound of holiday music, gifts under the tree, and the smell of freshly baked pumpkin pie. You have been inspired to make this holiday season something very special. Yet, you’ve always desired to fix that stain mark, sun bleached area, or refinish that tired wood floor. Now, you can with the help of expert design and craftsmen at Signature Custom Flooring. We will help you through every step of the project, and get the job done right! Learn about the refinishing process and design options available for hardwood flooring. IMG_0765-1

The art of hardwood floor refinishing

We believe your floor is a piece of art you walk on. Having your hardwood floors refinished gives you a blank canvas to create the dream masterpiece you’ve always desired. Hardwood floors are unique because you can change the design of the floor to give it a one-of-a-kind appearance. When it comes to the refinishing process, there are many factors to consider, such as the level of wear the floor has sustained. If your floor has sustained damage, you may want to go with a darker stain to hide the damaged areas. However, if your floor is heavily damaged, you may want to go with a board replacement strategy. We recommend not going at hardwood floor refinishing with a do-it-yourself approach. At Signature Custom Flooring, we are certified by the National Wood Flooring Association, and we will personally inspect any hardwood floor and share recommendations on how to make it look new. Receive our free hardwood floor refinishing guide for an in depth look at our refinishing process, or Learn more about hardwood floor refinishing here.

 Hardwood floor design options

Unlike many other flooring types, hardwood floors give you flexibility to create your dream floor without completely removing the floor covering. We have an eye for helping you select a floor design right for you. Not only do we take into account the color of your walls and wood trim, we also review how you’re going to decorate the room to help you create a unique space you and your guests will love. Some hardwood floor designs include modern, country and quaint. To achieve the modern look in the picture below, we created a custom stain blend. After the floors were stained, the floors were sealed to prevent fading. Modern hardwood floors illuminate and give a room a natural look. Take a look at today’s modern floor trends. DSC_1155-1-1 Modern flooring To successfully achieve the rustic hickory flooring (featured below), we had to make sure the wood was installed in the correct spot to create light and dark colored areas. So how did we achieve this inspirited floor design? We installed Brazilian tigerwood at a 45- degree angle to give the room a different feel. Before tackling that do-it-yourself floor refinishing project, our team at Signature Custom Flooring can help you create a flooring masterpiece that will impress your guests this holiday season. Here are a few more samples of the hardwood floors we’ve created. We hope these fantastic floors have inspired you to dream about what is possible in your home. Give us a call today at (920)-279-7871, and we’ll turn your dream into a reality. DSC_0259-1 Country flooring (rustic hickory) 21-April-11-1 Quaint flooring