Refinishing Parquet Wood Flooring in a Kitchen - Appleton, WI

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

We recently received a call from Apex Home Improvements to refinish a finger parquet wood floor in Appleton. They were remodeling a kitchen, which included removing some walls and enlarging the doorway, and exposed flooring that needed repair. There was also some worn spots in the parquet from years of wear and tear that the new cabinets wouldn’t cover. parquet wood flooring refinish before kitchen

(Before refinishing)

We started refinishing the parquet, and we were able to clean away its old, grey worn spots. At first, they wanted to stain the floor. But after seeing what the clean parquet looked like, and after talking with us about our experiences with parquet in different spaces, they decided to keep the space lighter. parquet wood flooring refinish kitchen appleton wi

(After refinishing)

It was an excellent choice. As you can see in the two “after” pictures, all the finger parquet flooring variations shine through and beautifully enhance the look of the new kitchen. parquet wood flooring refinish kitchen appleton wi

(After refinishing)