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Preserve and Revitalize Your Hardwood Floors with Recoating

If your hardwood floors are fading and need a touch-up, or if you just want to switch up a room with different furniture and new wall paint, then a recoat is perfect.


Recoat or Refinish?

That depends on your expectations. If you’re expecting a floor that looks brand new without scratches, dents, dings, or spots with worn finish, then refinishing is the best option. But if your floor is free from dents, deep scratches, and heavy wear, then recoating is the best option. Plus, it’s cheaper and faster than refinishing.

5 More Reasons to Recoat:

  1. Restore scratched and worn areas

  2. Match the room to new furniture or wall paint

  3. Extend life of the floor

  4. Add texture to your floors

  5. Improve the appearance of the existing coat


Hardwood Floor Recoating Services Neenah WI

The floor above is slightly dull with minor imperfections from everyday use. This floor is perfect for recoating.

Hardwood Floor before Restoration

Before recoating

Recoated Hardwood Floor

After recoating

Our Signature Recoating Process

Before we commit to a recoat, we do a test area to determine whether the new finish will adhere to the existing finish. Whether the finish adheres depends on the type of finish and cleaning products used on the floor.

Recoating a prefinished floor takes extra steps because most are an aluminum oxide finish – which is hard. Because it’s hard, the scratches show white and are more noticeable, requiring an extra step to ensure the finish properly adheres.

First, we vacuum the floor and remove any dust and debris.

Second, we use a special cleaning product that helps the finish adhere to the floor.

Third, we lightly sand the floor to remove any minor imperfections in the finish. Want dustless sanding? For a small fee, we provide state-of-the-art dustless sanding that leaves your home spotless.

Fourth, we apply 1-2 coats of finish. The number of coats depends upon how much traffic that area gets. If it’s a bedroom, one coat of finish is often enough. But higher traffic areas like kitchens or hallways need two coats of finish – possibly even a commercial finish.

Finally, we let the finish set for 1-2 days. If you need to use the room immediately after recoating, choose our UV-curing service. It sets the finish the same day for immediate use.

We will happily assist you in determining the best option for revitalizing the beauty of your flooring. Contact us today to get started.


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