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Beautiful Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Appleton, WI


Refresh Your Home With Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Restore your wood floors and stairs to their original beauty with Signature’s hardwood floor refinishing service. Whether they’re new or 100 years old, we can make them shine again, change the color or update the style and texture. Refinishing hardwood floors and stairs is one of the best ways to revitalize your home.



“Aaron did a beautiful job on our floors. After 15 years, they were in need of refinishing. Aaron restored the original beauty of the maple floors and suggested a water-based finish instead of the oil-based. No more gold floors!!! We also appreciate that there was virtually no dust to clean up. Great job Aaron. Thank you for making our floors beautiful again.”


– Lisa Paul, Oshkosh WI






Child and pet-friendly


Before and After Hardwood Floor Refinish



How long will refinishing take?

If you decide to DIY your floor refinishing, it may take a couple of weeks or more depending on your regular work schedule.

The length of the hardwood floor refinishing process depends on many factors including the amount of floor that needs work, type of finish used, humidity and weather conditions.

From the initial sanding until you can bring your furniture back into the room, it can take about five days. But if you need to use the room immediately, choose our UV-curing that sets the finish immediately so you can start moving in furniture the same day the job is completed.



Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A room must be furniture-free before we can work.

If multiple rooms are being refinished, furniture will have to be stored in other rooms or even in your garage. It may be best if you and your family stay elsewhere during the process.


Is Refinishing Dusty?

Not when we work!

We have invested over $14,000 into state-of-the-art sanding equipment to keep your home free from dust. If you select our affordable dustless sanding option, you won’t even know we were there…except for the amazing work, of course! Read more…



Recoat or Refinish?

That depends on your expectations.

If you’re expecting a floor that looks brand new without scratches, dents, dings, or spots with worn finish, then refinishing is the best option. This before and after of a red oak refinish is a good example. If you don’t mind small scratches, dents, or areas with worn finish, then recoating is the best option.




As you can tell, this floor is beaten up.

It has had a lot of traffic by a door without a rug to collect moisture. The moisture just sat on the wood, breaking down the finish and exposing the wood to even more moisture and excessive scratching.

Recoating would not remove the scratches or grey spots. The only option is to refinish it.



Cost to refinish hardwood floors?

Great question! Like our other services, the hardwood floor refinishing cost depends on many factors:

To give you an accurate quote, first we’ll have a conversation over the phone. Customers provide photos or a video of the space including room measurements.

Next, we’ll meet with you to learn exactly what you need and how you want your floor(s) to look, i.e., colors/patterns. This way we’ll get a better feel for your space and provide you with the best quote possible.

You can read further about hardwood refinishing costs and tips.



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We provide stunning wood floor refinishing services in most major cities within Wisconsin:



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