Using Reclaimed Wood As A New Wood Floor

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

Using Reclaimed Wood As A New Floor

Many people choose to use reclaimed wood rather than regular or freshly harvested lumber when installing a new floor. Reclaimed wood is simply wood that has been salvaged from non-use, destruction or decay for the purpose of another useful life. It includes wood from used railroad ties, weathered barn siding, old factory beams and even sunken logs. Using reclaimed wood has become more popular over the past few years for many reasons:

Environmentally Friendly

“Going green” and being more conscious of the environment has been on the rise for the last 10 years. Using reclaimed wood decreases the demand for new lumber, which helps preserve the environment and creates less waste.


Reclaimed wood has a distinct appearance. It has a recycled look, giving reclaimed wood character that new lumber is unable to match.


When you buy reclaimed wood, you are likely buying a tree that has been aged rather than a first-generation piece of lumber. Aged wood means that it is much more durable and will last longer once installed in your home.

Are there any negatives about using reclaimed wood in your home?


Since reclaimed wood is older, there is a higher chance that pests have burrowed into it. Be sure to give the wood a thorough inspection before making a purchase. Learn how to ensure there are no infestations in your reclaimed wood:


Reclaimed wood is pricier than your average wood because of the intensive process it goes through before it is installed in your home.

Reclaimed wood gives a home unrivaled character, but be cautious of where you purchase your reclaimed wood. Some companies may not guarantee the wood and raise prices. Make sure to do some research on typical reclaimed wood prices before shopping for your own!

If you’re thinking about getting a new floor installed, consider going the reclaimed wood route for a longer lasting, unique look for your home. To learn more about reclaimed wood and our refinishing services, visit our site: