We Are NWFA Certified Professionals!

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

Signature Custom Flooring has received the installer, sand and finisher certification from the National Wood Flooring Association Certification Program (NWFACP).


What sets one professional apart from another? All things being equal – price, schedule, materials, experience – what convinces a wood flooring buyer to hire you as opposed to your competition? Certifications and credentials.

In many industries, certification is one way of differentiating yourself from the crowd. Certification is a way of validating your industry knowledge and expertise, showing your customers that you’re truly a recognized expert in your field, and they can trust you to get the job done right, the first time. So how do you become a certified installer or sand and finisher?

Getting Installation and Sand and Finish certifications with NWFA is a two-part process, which includes both written and hands-on tests.

Becoming an NWFA certified installer or certified sand and finisher validates your wood flooring knowledge and expertise, while giving you more advantages when consumers and builders look at who is going to install, sand and finish their hardwood floors. It shows customers you are credible, lets them know you will exceed their flooring expectations and gives your resume a great addition. The benefits from a NWFA certification don’t stop there.

You’re also allowed to use the NWFA logo on all promo materials, access to manufacturer recommendations, access to the online forum and technical call center, the potential to become a NWFA instructor and more!

What makes someone eligible for these certifications? One must be a member in good standing with the NWFA. For the installation certification, one must have two years of wood flooring installation experience and complete an NWFA training event. For the sand and finish certification, one must have two years wood flooring sand and finishing experience, and complete a NWFA training event.

The hands-on installation test deals with engineered glue down over concrete, solid strip nail down, dry lay patterned floor, board replacement and floating over concrete. The sand and finish test covers rough sanding, unfinished strip flooring, finish sanding and staining unfinished strip flooring, sealing and recoating. Either test can be taken at a NWFA certification testing site or approved manufacturing school. Separate written tests are required for each of the certifications. These online tests require at least a 75 percent score to pass.

Annual Maintenance
Being certified by the NFWA requires a minimum of three continuing certification units annually, along with a small fee. The courses make sure we are doing our job properly, while keeping current with industry trends and practices.

In our line of work, credibility makes a difference. We have the credentials and certifications you can count on! If you have any questions about our experience or the services we provide, call (920) 279-7871 or visit our website.