Wood Floor Patterns Create Spaces

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

Installing hardwood floors can improve the look of any room. There are many options when choosing a pattern for your hardwood floors that will compliment your style while improving the aesthetics of your living space. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional look, there are a variety of options to satisfy your tastes.

Straight Patterns

 The straight pattern is the most popular pattern of hardwood flooring installation and they also take the least amount of time. Even-sized wooden planks are laid parallel to each other and the walls. The planks can be laid to face vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally if you prefer.

stained maple plank wood floor completed

 Random Patterns


The random pattern resembles straight patterns, except that instead of even-sized wooden planks, random sized planks with different widths, lengths and colors are used. The random wooden planks can give your floors a more shabby-chic, rustic look.

 Parquet Patterns

  Parquet patterns are mosaics of geometric wooden planks created for aesthetic designs in flooring. The four most popular parquet patterns for hardwood floors are the basket weave, picture frame, chevron and the herringbone pattern.

parquet wood flooring refinish kitchen appleton wi

 The Basket Weave Pattern

Custom-hardwood-LeClair Wood Floors

 The basket weave pattern gives dimension to a room by creating the illusion of interwoven square wooden planks. The square planks can be laid parallel to the walls or diagonally. Using different colored wood accents the pattern and adds more contrast.

 (Floor credit too LeClair Wood Floors)

 The Picture Frame Pattern

 Hardwood floors with the picture frame pattern use contrasting widths of wooden planks to frame the perimeter of a room. They can also be used to separate spaces in a room from one another or to highlight features like a mantel or chandelier.

hickory floor with custom border

The Chevron Pattern

 The classic chevron pattern is a V-shaped, zig-zag pattern made with rectangular wooden planks. The ends are cut at an angle so that they make a straight line where the planks meet, creating a V-shape effect. The classic look became popular in 17th century France and is also one of the floor patterns in the Palace of Versailles. Many Parisian apartments also have this elegant pattern, and it is still quite popular today.

hand cut chevron by signature custom flooring

The Herringbone Pattern

 The herringbone pattern is similar to the chevron pattern and the two are often mistaken for each other. The herringbone pattern is also a zig-zag pattern except that the ends of the wooden planks are cut straight across and not at an angle. The planks are laid like dominoes to create a slightly more jagged effect.


Not only do hardwood floors increase the beauty of your home, they also increase the value. No matter which pattern you choose, hardwood floors will enhance the décor of your home and bring finesse and style.  Let us help you design a wood floor that stirs an emotion every time you enter the room.  Contact us today for art you can walk on!