Wood floor refinishing- How it transforms spaces!

Posted by Aaron Schaalma

One of the many things I enjoy about my job is transforming spaces through refinishing and restoring the wood floors. In my eyes, wood floors are more than just a job, they are a true passion of mine. This wood floor refinishing project in Stevens Point is one such example. My clients had recently bought  the house, but did not care for the outdated golden color of the floors, which was very popular from mid-90's through early 2000's. The trend at that time was to have everything, from trim to doors and cabinets, done in a golden oak color.  From a design point, matching all these wood surfaces does not make features stand out, and can thus make spaces look smaller. However, now that homeowners have moved away from that trend, it allows for the wood floor to create contrast and compliment the features of the space instead of just blending in. To start this particular transformation, we first put down some stain options for the homeowners to see and get a feel for how it would look in their space. wood floor-before-refinishing After they decided on the color, we started the wood floor refinishing process. These floors had some problems that needed to be corrected from the last time they were sanded. In all wood floors, there is both a spring and winter grain in the wood planks.  If not sanded properly, the machine can pull out the spring wood as it sands the grain, which then causes the wood floor to have a slight "dish". This is most prominently found in wood floors that are not as dense, like the oak floors seen here. To correct this problem, we started sanding at a slight angle to remove these imperfections from the floor. In addition, we also noticed some discoloration in the flooring.  Discoloration can be caused by various factors, with the most common one being the exposure to UV rays from the sun. Other contributing factors can be if area rugs are used in the space, or even if the particular finish is UV sensitive. Over time, wood flooring will naturally change color from the exposure of the sun and its UV rays. Depending upon the species of the wood floor, these discolorations can be removed by having your wood floors refinished.This was exactly the case with our clients in Stevens Point. After we refinished the flooring, both the previous sanding imperfections and the discoloration were completely gone. The transformation of these floors turned out great.  If you ever need your space transformed, contact us to schedule a consultation! open-space-hardwoodopen-kitchen-hardwood